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The Reconstruction supermarket

Reconstruction of a grocery supermarket under the new Phoenix brand, Rustavi, Georgia.


A design that depicted history - from ancient to modern.

Store Design and Lay-Out. 

We make stores successful.

4sales – experts in storebuilding and merchandising. 

Professionally engaged in the development of design concepts and store layouts, branding and merchandising.

We implemented dozens of successful projects in various retail fields in Georgia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

store design and lay out
store design tbilisi

Why to trust us

 We help to sell more 

Shop - it is first of all a commercial object.
Its main task - to sell and to sell the lot.
All our ideas are aimed to achieve this fundamental objective in the development of the store design concept.
Sales and sales growth - it is important for us.

We do it not just beautiful, we create stores that lead to successful traiding.

Want a successful store ?


Commodity groups

placement plan

The key document, on which the success of traiding depents.  It directly affects the volume of sales at the store.

Our expers in storebuilding and merchandising, who designed hundreds of successful store in various fields of activity (grocery stores, clothing, drugstores, etc ), including  well-know retail chains:  PSP, MetroMart, Smiley, Aray, AltaOkay, Nikora, Pharm House and others, will make a commodity groups placement layout for your store.


Do you whant the right plan for placing commodity groups from the most experienced and professional experts in storebuilding and merchandising in Georgia?

store design

Developed over 70 design projects

store lay-out

Compiled more than 500 store plans

store projecting

1000 ideas for retail logos

Team of 25 people

Get 60% of successful store 

12 basic indicators that make the store a successful:

Brand recognizability

Correct zoninfg of a trade area

Noticeable and attractive facade

of a store

Interior of a store

Effective merchandising

POS materials

Trade equipment

Location of a store


The range of goods that are in demand

Commodity stock management

Advertising and trade marketing












Of the 12 with us you will get 7 or 60% success rate!



Retail experts in all areas



We have developed design-concepts for retail chains, that have positive impact on the entire trade sector of Georgia.

Pharmacies & Beauty


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