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 About company 4sales

Our company is professionally engaged in rpojecting and development of store design,branding, merchandising, we sell trade equipment and POS materials.

 We create successful stores, which bring profit to their owners. 

4sales store design

 Company «4sales» — 

 experts in storebuilding and merchandising 

 Why our customer choose us  

 We help to sell more 

Shop - it is first of all a commercial object.
Its main task - to sell and to sell the lot.
All our ideas are aimed to achieve this fundamental objective in the development of the store design concept.
Sales and sales growth - it is important for us.

We do not just make it beautiful,
we create stores that 
 trade successfully 

Get 60% of successful store 

12 basic indicators that make the store a success:
Of the 12 with us you will get 7 or 60% success rate!


Brand recognizability

Location of a store


The range of goods that are in demand


Commodity stock management


Correct zoninfg of a trade area

Noticeable and attractive facade of a store


Shopping stimulating interior of a store


Advertising and trade marketing

Effective merchandising



Trade equipment

POS materials


 We work with full responsibility 

The opening of the store - is a big investment and the expenses  for the owner. We understand and treat with the responsibility to projecting  and design solutions which offer the customer - they should really be feasible, but not fantastic!

The main thing - to create a design concept, which is guaranteed to sell "in life" and the design concept on paper would meet the internal and external store view in real.

We support the work on repairing store up before its opening, which will take into account all things and not to miss many important detail that arise in the course of repair or construction. After all, the possible defects and errors
in project design - are a great loss.


 We have worked with the budgets form 5 000 up to 500 000 USD for store design conception realisation- it is a great responsibility.

 Our customers trust us 

We have performed hundreds of successful projects in different fields of trade.

We always have new and fresh ideas. We are always up to date with global trends in trade, storebuilding, design, merchandising, marketing. Therefore, among our clients there are pharmacy chains, drogerie, supermarkets and grocery stores, super- and hypermarkets of household appliances
and electronics, clothes, books and newspapers, shopping malls.


Our team - professionals with unique skills
which simultaneously have the knowledge in projecting, design, architecture, marketing, merchandising and contructing.

In addition, we understand in trade equipment,  lighting,
construction and promotional materials, advertising structures, air conditioning, in the construction works; We know how to effectively present goods.

Our experience allows us to carry out projects  of any complexity in different business areas.

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