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store projecting


 Space planning 

 Zoning of trade area 

 Trade equipment 

srore lay out

 Lay-out of premises

All the works begin with the overview of the obejct, measurement, taking photographs and creation of the basic drawing of premises planning or replanning.

We accomplish the planning of all the premises of the object: trade area, warehouse, administration, backrooms, workshops, toilets an so on. We work out measurement drawing of the premises, mantlement and dismantlement plan, measurement plan of premises and their explication plan.  

Statement of work: 

  • Obect's measurement and photo shooting accomplishment. 

  • Creation of the measurement drawing (plan) of the object.

  • Wall mantlement paln preparation.

  • Wall dismantlement plan preparation.

  • Premises measurement plan preparation.

  • Premises explication plan preparation.

zoning of trade area

Zoning of trade area

Trade area zoning accomplishment- commodity group placement plan preparation considering merchandising rules and volume of commodity assortment. Commodity group placement plan is a key document, which makes trade success. It has a direct impact on the volume of sales in a shop. That is why it is better to engage not architects, but proffesional storebouilding and merchandising exprets to work out the plan.

We place the commodity in a such way, that the purchase of one product will lead to several more products' purchase. Also we will consider "strong" and "weak" places of the trade area, the rule of "Golden Triangle" and "anchor" products, estimated customer flow and other important rules and principles of merchandising an storebuilding.

Statement of work:

  • Grouping of the commodity groups into commodity sections and commodity zones.

  • Commodity group placement plan preparation.

  • Trade equipment placement plan preparation.

  • Object lay-out preparation.

store projecting

Trade equipment

Our knowledge and experience in merchandising and product presentation allows us to select and develop effective trade equipment, which will allow to fulfil goods outlay according all the rules of merchandising. 

During the installation of trade equipment our experts effectively use each cantimeter of trade area, properly organize customers flow, consider the width of the passes, visibility of trade area, type and size of the trade equipment, which is used for each of the commodity group, volume and amount of the commodity assortment.

We will select and develop effective trade equipment and prepare its competent placement plan.

Statement of work:

  • Trade equipment selection, including sizes, color, material: wall, island, end racks, refrigerators, cash desks, fruits and vegetables, bread and sweets, baskets and promotional gondolas and other equipment for the display of goods.

  • Individual development of individual trade equipment - the development of design, selection of optimal size, color, material, 3D visualisation.Preparation of  design-sketch with description of design, dimensions, colors, materials.

  • Preparation of a list of trade equipment for a store.

Projection work fulfilment steps:

store projcting
store planning
trade area planning
trade area planning

Measurement and measurement drawing

Mantlement/dismantlement plan

Measurement plan and area explication

Trade equipment selection

store planning
store planning
trade area planning
store projecting

Trade equipment

placement plan

 Lay Out 

Grouping of commodity into commodity groups

Commodity group placement- zoning

 Document dispatch list:

Measurement drawing

Wall mantlement plan

Wall dismantlement plan

Premises measurement plan

Premises explication

List of trade equipment

Trade equipment placement plan

Commodity group placement plan

General lay-out scheme

 Document samples: 

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