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retail in store merchandising


 Pricers and POS

 Merchandising audit 

 Merchandising book 

merchandising audit

 Merchandising audit 

Find out what you can improve in your store -
order professional merchandising audit.


 Merchandising audit - an assessment of the store parameters that affect the trading store revenue: 


  • Zoning and planning of trade area

  • Compliance with the rules of placement of goods

  • Compliance with the rules of product display

  • Commodity neighborhood

  • The external design of the store (facade, sign, window, entrance)

  • Store Interior

  • Other important factors affecting trade.

As a result of audit you will receive a detailed report, containing photos, which show mistakes and recomendations how to solve them, and the most imnportant, concrete practical suggestions on  improving the in-store merchandising, improve performance and increase store sales.


 Price holders and POS 

Modern store can not work efficiently without the customer understandable price tags, and without using POS materials. We will develop the design of minimum required set of POS materials and pricers for your store..

merchandising book

 Merchandising book 

Unique service - development of Merchandising Book for pharmacies, grocery supermarkets, electronics and home appliances and other shops.
Merchandising Book - Guide Merchandising, which regulates the application of the rules of merchandising in all retail chain stores.

The guide contains principles of merchandising, product presentation and placement rules, illustrative photographs, illustrations and drawings, type and schemes and planning of  sales area - all this will allow employees to easily understand and effectively apply merchandising in  daily work.

Merchandising Book provides efficient merchandising set of tools for yor staff that allows you to:

  • produce competent placement of product groups in the trade area;

  • maximize sales area, shop equipment and shelf space;

  • implement and continuously support the product display / presentation of goods, which helps to increase sales;

  • when you change the range, the staff were able to make their own display of goods according to the rules of merchandising;

  • quickly produce merchandising skills training for employees;

  • consistently apply the rules of merchandising in the work;
    efficiently use POS materials.

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